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Bring The West End To You

IWe don't only provide West End workshops as part of a theatre trip to London, we can come to your school, college, or theatre

group bringing the West End to you. You can find out about our workshop aims from our Group Workshops page, and we can provide you with a workshop of your choice.  All of our workshops are taught by current and past West End cast members making our workshops really special.
West End Theatre Workshops
Our main bookings are for half a day (3 hours) or a full day (6 hours, including breaks).  
Please contact us if you would like a different length as we structure the day how you wish, making us a really flexible choice to fit around your timetable.
West End Theatre Workshops
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If you booked us for the full day you could choose:
5 x 1 hour workshops so we can work with a whole year group
3 x 1 hour 40 minute workshops
2 x 2 hour 30 minute workshops
1 x 5 hour workshop
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You can also book extra workshop leaders so you can run different workshops simultaneously.
We always endeavour to work with your budget and requirements please contact us to discuss this further.


Work with a West End professional for 3 hours



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Work with a West End professional for 6 hours                



Prices are exclusive of VAT at 20%
As we are based in London we may need to charge for travel, this would be at advanced standard train rate, and transport to and from the station to your venue.
We cover up to £25 of the costs on our full day workshop and we only charge the difference if it is more.
Very occasionally if you are a considerable distance from London or booking us for multiple days we will need to add accommodation and/or travel time fee.
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Including breaks

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