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Private Lessons - Week 2

Private Lessons - Week 2

Week 2 Slots: We offer private lessons available taught by top industry professionals.  They are priced at £110 for the hour which includes VAT and you can choose any style - acting, singing, dance, west end workshops... up to you!  Please write the subject you would like in the box (feel free to be as specific as possible) and then choose from the offered dates.

This is week 2, you will find weeks 1 and 3 on the shop page also.

(S) is for Studio - most suitable to dance classes

(G) is for Gallery - most suitable to acting and singing classes

Our singing teacher Ross has a couple of lesson spaces available, if he is not available on the date of your choice we will allocate another of our wonderful singing teachers.


    As the workshop leaders/teachers will be booked in advance for your lesson we cannot sadly make any refunds if you cancel your lesson unless we have more than 1 week's notice. 

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