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Philip Kotler Marketing Management 14th Edition Slides 2022




This PPT presentation provides a roadmap to accelerate your business’s return on investment by integrating information technology (IT) solutions into the way you market your products and services. This presentation highlights new information technology, emerging trends, and the value IT can bring to the marketing function, as well as new marketing information technology solutions. This PPT presentation is part of Business Essentials, the core supplement to The Marketing Management, 14th Edition. We offer a discounted group rate for the Business Essentials combination. To request this discounted rate, contact us and email us at It is the first time that Microsoft Word has allowed for such deep integration of the file format with the structure of your document. This offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility in combining the need for the most current XML format with the need for document structure. Before the introduction of XML into the Word, it was difficult to integrate the two: For example, when you used the OLE object format for embedding files in the Word document, the XML formatting would be forgotten. Files could also be embedded, but in these cases, the user was forced to create a style for the document – something which was often not possible. Not only does Word 2007 offer this flexibility, but it also offers some very impressive new features. One of the new features introduced by Word 2007 is the ‘Drop’ function. This offers the ability to quickly create a new document, which includes the current content of the current document. This means that you can create a new file that is a combination of the current content in your document with the current formatting. The end result can be very useful – with this you can create a document that includes the content of the current document along with the current font and colouring. This is a really useful feature, as it is often the case that you need to look at a particular document from one project and then you need to quickly create a document that includes this information in a format that you want to use for a different project. Word 2007 provides a ‘New’ button that allows you to quickly create this document. Word 2007 provides a ‘New�



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Philip Kotler Marketing Management 14th Edition Slides 2022

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