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Singing Vocal Tube

Singing Vocal Tube

Vocal tube's are a big thing in the West End and opera industry.  Using water resistant voice training helps the professional voice user to build a strong and resilient voice and achieve excellent vocal health, stamina and competence when used as part of a consistent vocal regimen.

4 Colours to choose from: Pink, Blue, Green or Clear.


Videos on how to use:


Explained further:
Water-resistant therapy using 'Vocal Tubes’ is good practice that aligns well with these 3 voice care principles.

Vocal habilitation:
'Vocal Tubes’ Water-resistant voice therapy is a fantastic tool for modifying or eliminating inappropriate voice behaviours that can lead to voice disorders caused by vocal misuse or voice abuse.
Water resistant voice therapy using 'Vocal Tubes’ serves as an approachable method of voice habilitation, which is the process of enabling a voice, maintaining and building good vocal skills and building fitness into a healthy functioning voice in order for it to efficiently perform demanding tasks like high effort or athletic singing or high demanding speaking tasks.

Vocal Therapy: On-going complimentary treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

Vocal rehabilitation:
Good vocal rehabilitation is a structured, holistic and multidisciplinary process of healing from injury, or returning the voice to basic and healthy functional levels. "Voice rehabilitation describes restoration of lost vocal function for a performer/speaker who has suffered a voice disorder or voice injury.” (NCVS, 2013, as reported by Scearce, 2016, pg. 6)

Please ALWAYS consult the advice of a medical professional such as an E.N.T (ear nose throat doctor) or your GP if you are experiencing worrying or severe voice challenges.

"Vocal Tubes water resistant therapy has multiple benefits and as a voice specialist with over 20 years’ experience working directly with burgeoning singers and famous singers alike, I have witnessed & continue to witness first-hand the incredible effects this has had on so many of my clients. In fact, it is so effective that I use it myself, every day! An ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT, SUSTAINABLE, REUSABLE- easy to clean and keep safe with our protective satin bag, keeps dust, fluff and dirt away."

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