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Working to the right level

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We want you to get as much out of  the course as possible so we group singing and dance into standard and advanced.   The advance class structure will be very similar to the standard classes but these classes will work to a faster pace and assume previous knowledge and experience.


Please note that there will be times that we go through fundamentals with you to ensure that everyone in the class, wherever they are from, are all on the same page as we acknowledge there are many methods of teaching and ways of training.

In order to apply for advanced singing we ask the following:


1) You are  training or have previously trained on a musical theatre or vocal course at college/university level or equivalent


2) You have many years of experience or prior training


3) You are interested in pursuing a career in musical theatre or already in the industry


4) Please send us videos of you singing 2 contrasting songs that show your technique and range. At least one needs to be from a musical (you will find video instructions and our advanced application form below).


5) Please let us know if you sightread music (not integral but useful for us to know )




In order to apply for advanced dance we ask the following:

1) You should have had dance lessons previously for a minimum of five years in jazz/modern/ballet or musical theatre.

2) You should be confident at technique work such as pirouettes, picking up choreography, 

3) Please send us 2x videos of you dancing to include the following:

1) 1 x Dance solo - 2 minutes maximum

2) 1 x Technique Video demonstrating pirouettes and kicks


Academy 2018

West End On Demand Brand Mark White.png
West End On Demand Brand Mark White.png

Please complete our Advanced Group Application form HERE 


Upload your videos to Youtube and please tick UNLISTED in the visibility settings, then only those with your link will be able to view your videos.  For more information about how to upload a video please click HERE

Please do not be disheartened if we do not place you in the advanced level, it is actually better for you to be placed correctly and you will learn more if you are in the right group. The standard group for singing will break down how the voice works and give you more fundamental technique. The standard group for dance will teach the routines at a slower pace and spend more time working on your technique.



West End On Demand Brand Mark White.png
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